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Anderson- Nipomo Landscape

This Nipomo landscape created by Sage Ecological Landscapes was designed to be aesthetically pleasing, while conserving water and incorporating an Asian influence. There were a few distinct areas in this Nipomo landscape- our talented design team wanted to give the whole yard a cohesive feel, while keeping each area separate.

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Anderson (SLO)

This San Luis Obispo landscape uses artistic panels and a shade structure to create an Asian influenced shade garden.

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This Los Osos landscape was designed for entertaining with a water feature, fire pit, and seating area, as well as being child and pet friendly. Drought tolerance and sustainability were major design factors.

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Baker (Avila)

This Avila Beach landscape uses texture to create interest and incorporates Asian and Zen influences. The plant palette is also easily maintained and conserves water.

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This Paso Robles landscape is an entertainer’s paradise. Sage designed and installed a bocce ball court and fire pit with built in seating, perfect for backyard parties.

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A wonderful patio overlooking a beautiful golf course, was created to offer a space for entertaining and relaxing. A built in fire place is perfect for providing warmth for evenings outside, and a small waterfall delivers the backdrop for relaxation.


For this San Luis Obispo landscape, we chose drought tolerant, low maintenance plants that complement the architecture of the home, while extending and improving existing hardscapes.

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This Lompoc landscape was designed to offer a new cohesive plant palette for curb appeal, color, low maintenance, and water conservation. Incorporating an edible garden was an important addition for the home owner.

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Borrowed Views

This beautiful home with a view incorporated many Mediterranean plants with interesting colors and textures, meandering paths, and multiple seating areas to take advantage of the large property. An edible gardening area was added for a plentiful harvest and succulent wall panels add interest to a simple wooden fence.

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This subtle landscape utilized hardscapes and water features to create more usable space and to bring interest to lost space. Fresh mulch gives a clean and finished look around the refined plantings.

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This Atascadero landscape entails a fire pit, pergola, and deck, along with a pathway and plantings that enhance the natural environment.

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A front yard fire pit and patio area provide space for viewing ocean sunsets. Entering the backyard creates an instant calm. Zen style and soothing sounds from a water feature make this the perfect place for relaxation, while an outdoor kitchen and second fire pit offer space for entertainment.

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This luxurious landscape provides a Mediterranean atmosphere while using mixed hardscapes that produces spaces that feel separate, but cohesive. Meandering pathways guide the way to a bocce ball court, fire pit, a Santa Maria style BBQ, and seating areas.

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The design objective for this colorful, Morro Bay yard was to beautify the space through the use of water- wise, low maintenance plants. A pathway was added to create ease of access between different areas of the yard.

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The homeowners of this Arroyo Grande property came to us with the hopes of conserving water, creating more usable space, and of course, beautifying their landscape. The cactus and succulent theme is both drought tolerant and low maintenance. By creating a terracing course for slope retention, we were able to give them the usable space they were hoping for. Fencing and an entry gate was utilized to create a pet- safe area and to accentuate the home’s threshold.

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The homeowners of this San Luis Obispo landscape project came to us hoping for a cohesive landscape that would complement the homes architecture and existing colors. Like many others, they also wanted their new landscape to be low maintenance and drought tolerant.

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This Arroyo Grande landscape is an entertainer’s dream. An outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and water wall surround a patio seating area. Not only is this yard great for entertaining guests, but it also provides a play area for pets.

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This Los Osos landscape nestled in the Oaks Reserve is planted exclusively with California Native plants. A fire pit and seating ring among the trees is the perfect place for entertaining. Pathways and LED path lighting adds an element of safety and cohesion between areas.

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Playful textures, garden art and practical artistic features form a one-of-a-kind landscape. Stone work is used throughout the space. Stone retaining walls and paths produce ease of mobility throughout the landscape. A dry creek bed gives the illusion of a natural stream.

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The most prevalent feature of this unique front landscape is the custom shade structure at the entry of the home. The structure not only provides privacy, but also adds interest to the exterior of the home, and offers a space for beloved shade plants. A welcoming path guides guests to the door, while cheerful flowers and colorful plants stimulate the senses.

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This front yard landscape was designed to add color and continuity to the yard and offer an entry space with a walkway, seating, and a basalt fountain.

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This California Central Coast landscape incorporates naturalistic hardscapes, softened by a lush planting of drought tolerant, low maintenance plants. Retaining walls create a larger planting area, and seating areas provide space for outdoor entertaining.

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Howard-Greene- Central Coast Landscape

This central coast landscape came with some challenges and inspirations that influenced the end design. Drainage issues led to the creation of a rain garden, with water from the home, garage, and hardscape being diverted to this space. Water conservation was a major influence. A meadow was used as an alternative to the original turf lawn and other plants are both low maintenance and drought tolerant.

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The yard of this home among the oaks had a lot of natural beauty, so we wanted to enhance that beauty rather than starting all fresh. We wanted to keep a natural look to this Los Osos landscape while creating informal paths for ease of movement between areas, creating a low maintenance and drought tolerant landscape, and incorporating specific plant specimens.

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This Cayucos landscape may be a small space, but it makes a big impact. The homeowners’ inspiration came from a drought tolerant plant palette with a Spanish/ Mexican theme. A pathway and patio create usable space, while plantings accent the walkway. A slender water feature offers ambient sound and a small portable fire pit creates an entertaining area that doesn’t take up too much space. A raised planting bed was added to provide a space to grown delicious homegrown vegetables.

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The overall objective for this project was to select a drought tolerant & low maintenance plant palette to aesthetically unify all areas of the yard. We created a boulder retaining wall to support the existing pathways and created new timber steps to offer a safe passage around the home.

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This San Luis Obispo landscape located along the creek, proves that small spaces can make a big impact. A beautiful patio lays the space for a built in seating area for outdoor dining, a sandbox provides hours of enjoyment for the little ones, while built in planters offer a space for some urban farming. The fence offers a modern look, while providing safety, and preserving the view.

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This Pismo Beach landscape project consisted of decks and pathways for ease of mobility throughout the property. We added new, sustainable plants.

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For this Arroyo Grande landscape, the homeowners wanted to add front yard plantings to add aesthetic value & compliment the home. Colorful, low maintenance, drought tolerant plants achieve this goal.

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This San Luis Obispo urban garden was designed to soften the patio, while conserving as much floor space. Slender pottery and planters offer a home to upright plants, while succulent wall panels provide life without taking up much space. Plants are placed to frame the view of the hills from inside, while screening off unappealing views.

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Custom pathways are accented by colorful, drought- tolerant plants. Privacy, serenity, and cohesion guided the design for this Central Coast Landscape.

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This Avila Beach landscape is bright and festive with colorful plants, bright pottery, and water features. Hardscapes give structure to the area, while succulents and other drought tolerant, low maintenance plants add color and life to the space.

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Colorful plants brighten the entry to this home. A new fence allows access to the front door while offering privacy. A dry creek was able to correct drainage issues in this San Luis Obispo landscape.

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Soft plantings and winding paths loop around to seating areas in this Paso Robles landscape.

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This desert inspired landscape achieved that look through the use of cacti and rock. Stair cases, retaining walls, and paths make the hillside property more accessible and usable.

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This lushly planted California Central Coast Landscape provides curb appeal and an area to view the sunset over the ocean while enjoying the warmth provided by the fire pit. Unique garden art and the architecture of the home provided inspiration for the design.

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This cottage style landscape is complete with white roses and climbing vines. Pathways and patios create easy access to various areas of the Central Coast Landscape.

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This sprawling landscape offers space to explore. A walk down the meandering pathway guides to a pond accented by water loving plants. Large artwork and artistically designed features provide visually pleasing sites throughout the property.

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This Award Winning Landscape took on more than the usual landscape. The prairie style home was clad in stone. Decomposed granite paths, stone walls, and native grasses and plants create a mellow transition between outdoor spaces. The basalt fountain in the private courtyard is the focal point of the meditative outdoor room.

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A simple path connects the different areas of the yard and is incorporated as an extension of a dry creek bed. The homeowner’s main concern was to create a new landscape that would conserve water and grow in to be full and lush.

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The design of this landscape mimics the architecture of the unique home. Modern, angular design and drought tolerant plants with intriguing texture add interest to the garden. The beautiful surrounding landscape blends seamlessly to the edge of the garden.

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Safety, children’s entertainment, water conservation, and beauty motivated this design. A small lawn was preserved for a play area, while the rest of the landscape was converted to conserve water.

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The impressive hardscape details in this Los Osos landscape set the stage for a gorgeous garden. Multiple outdoor rooms provide space for entertaining or relaxing. Water conservation was an important aspect of this design, so we utilized succulents, a small native meadow, and other CA native and Mediterranean plants.

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This Los Osos landscape uses a retaining wall to create more planting space, while solving drainage issues. A fire pit with built in seating extends outdoor entertaining in to the cool Los Osos evenings. Seating areas and water feature make for a relaxing atmosphere. Tall plants along the fence screen the view of neighboring homes.

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This modern home gets an Asian inspired landscape. New plantings create a welcoming entry to this home.

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This vibrant and lush back yard offers the tranquil sounds of bubbling water for those relaxing on the upper deck or in the shaded lower patio. This yard is loved by the homeowners and their sweet dog.

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Multiple “outdoor rooms” with points of interest divide this space, while pathways offer circulation, and a cohesive plant palette creates a unified appearance. It was important to the residents that we specify plant material that is suitable to the Oak Woodland habitat and relates to natural landscape.

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This home with a beautiful view combines a soft native meadow with a hardscape path, impressive water fall, and a fire pit for entertaining. The plant palette consists of drought and deer tolerant plants that offer year-round interest. We also addressed an erosion issue, by adding a retaining wall and plantings to hold the soil in place.

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This landscape was designed to reflect modern, geometric, and whimsical characteristics. A low maintenance and California friendly plant palette was used to enhance the theme. We incorporated paths to connect points of interest and connect the various spaces of the yard including garden art, sculptures and other artistic features.

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This lush Central Coast landscape is abundant with vibrant plants, and provides separate seating areas which are connected with a flagstone path. A modern wooden deck is used for outdoor dining, while a firepit and built in seating provide hours of entertainment into the chilly seaside nights. A viewing patio is set up with two chairs to enjoy a gorgeous sunset or cup of coffee in the morning. A hidden seating area is the perfect spot to read a book or spend some time relaxing.

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A unique water feature is the key focal point in this landscape. A patio provides usable space and lush plants soften the space.

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