The Landscape Design Process

serving the Central Coast


We begin with a meeting at your site to initiate a relationship with you and your project. Our focus is to understand and listen to your needs and wants. Design goals and objectives are created & overall ideas, vision, and concepts are discussed.


After initial ideas are discussed a meeting is scheduled at our design office to review a detailed Design Proposal specific to your project. Our nursery and sample books are utilized to review plants and materials.


Our designers begin analyzing the site conditions, taking inventory, and crucial information is collected regarding soil, sun, wind, irrigation and so forth. This ensures the design reflects the existing environment accurately.


Through multiple team design charettes and illustrated drawings we create main themes and concepts. Most drawings will be drafted into an AutoCAD format to work at specific scaled dimensions. This creative process takes into account your sites architecture, environment, and lifestyle.


The last stage of the design includes an in depth review of all constructed components. We provide necessary documentation to precisely build elements. The details are then passed off to the SAGE Construction crew for implementation.


Graphic communication is vital to the final presentation to exemplify your projects goals and objectives. Our final plans help bring to life your future garden and express all major design components. A construction estimate is then presented to continue the process into installation.


Implementation is then carried out by our experienced professional builders. We are in communication through every step to make sure the initial vision created through the design process is brought to reality.

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