When planning your garden, it is wonderful to imagine the beauty that your new plants will bring to your home. Many people enjoy a garden that will not only look beautiful year round, but that will also provide cuttings to create show-stopping arrangements for their homes.  However, many of the water loving flowers that are common staples in many floral designs are no longer a reasonable option. The drought does not mean that you can’t have it all- you just have to use a little creativity. There are many plants that will look beautiful in your garden, conserve water, and offer amazing cuttings.  Many proteas fill all of these needs- Leucodendron ‘Safari Sunset’ provides a unique blossom, while the Leucospermum pincushions are a true show stopper. Yarrow’s vibrant blooms (most commonly found in yellow varieties) make great filler in arrangements. Sage is available in many varieties and can be found with flowers that are subtle or showy. Lavender is wonderful to add an aromatic elegance to arrangements- it is also great for baking! Echinacea purpea (Purple Coneflower) adds a cheery pop to bouquets and arrangements.



After cutting from your drought- tolerant cutting garden and greenery from existing buses and trees, clean off all leaves or greenery from the stems that will be under the water line in your vase. Use greenery as a base for your arrangement. Holding a large bunch of greenery in one hand (or place it in the vase you will be using if you feel more comfortable that way) start placing your larger blooms among the greenery. Use any smaller or tall and skinny blossoms as accents at the end.




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